IMG_5854The countdown to the end of Kung Fu camp is on… Two more days.
I’ve ended up having to help out more than I thought I would, so haven’t had nearly as much time as I’d wanted to get stuff on here. As I sit here in my cubicle at the Kung Fu school, I am trying not to worry frantically about the fact that I have massive amounts of herbs that desperately need to be harvested back at home. Worried I’m going to lose the rest of my chamomile and red clover, due to the incessant rain we’re having;worried my milky oats and rose hips are just going to rot. Just have to hope for the best…
I’m also hoping we get enough time this weekend to pick and freeze blueberries and boysenberries that seem to be ripening rapidly (and early!) this year (one of the benefits of the unbearable heat, humidity and excessive rain, I suppose). We managed to get them all netted this year, so won’t lose any to birds. (We didn’t manage to get our elderberries netted. I thought we had a couple more weeks, but the birds ate them all unripe, which I was totally not expecting. Got enough elderflowers to make tincture, thankfully!) We’ll have two days to get all of this done before my daughter and I take off to the Cape to visit family and go surfing (such as it is on the east coast in summer), plus making home-made chocolates and grain-free/sugar-free banana bread for our trip (check out this recipe I found–I had to modify it a bit to make it lower sugar;I’ll get my modified version up on here soon), so she has some healthy treats that she loves when her cousins eat ice cream, etc.

OK, will get a few more recipes up before the end of the week. Have to get back to researching computer animation programs for my daughter. She’s decided she really wants to make movies out of her drawings and photos, etc. Being a complete Luddite, I know absolutely nothing about this, so have messages out to all my illustrator/computer graphics friends to try to find how to go about this. If anyone (homeschooling moms out there?) has any suggestions for me, please write!