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Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives:How Evolution Has Shaped Women’s Health, by Wenda Trevathan, PhD

The Art of Fermentation:An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World, by Sandor Ellix Katz

Against The Grain:How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization, by Richard Manning

Bones:Recipes, History and Lore, by Jennifer McLagan

Botanical Influences on Illness:A Sourcebook of Clinical Research, by Melvyn R. Werbach, MD, and Michael T. Murray, ND

The Cholesterol Myths, by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD

Deep Nutrition:Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food, by Catherine Shanahan, MD

Devil In The Milk:Illness, Health and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk, by keith Woodford

Excitotoxins:The Taste That Kills, by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Fat:An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With recipes, by Jennifer McLagan

Food and Western Disease:Health and Nutrition From an Evolutionary Perspective, by Staffan Lindeberg

The Fourfold Path to Healing, by Thomas S. Cowan, MD

Good Calories, Bad Calories:Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and health, by Gary Taubes

Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

Know Your Fats:The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol, by Mary G. Enig, PhD

Nourishing Traditions:The Cookbook that Challenges politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats, by Sally Fallon

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston Price, DDS

Real Food:What to Eat and Why, by Nina Planck

Seeds of Deception:Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the   Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating, by J. Smith

The Untold Story of Milk:The History, Politics and Science of nature’s perfect Food:Raw Milk From Pasture-Fed Cows, by Ron Schmid, ND

The Vegetarian Myth:Food, Justice, and Sustainability, by Lierre Keith

The Whole Soy Story:The Dark Side of America’s Health Food, by Kayla Daniel, Ph.D

Why Some Like It Hot:Food, Genes, and Cultural Diversity, by Gary Paul Nabhan

Wild Fermentation, by Sandor Ellix Katz


“What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie?” by Gary Taubes

“Paleolithic Diets:Should We Eat Like Our Ancestors? By Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D.

Dairy and its effect on Insulin secretion, on Marks Daily Apple site

“Agave, A Triumph Of Marketing Over Truth,” by Dr. Joseph Mercola. July 2, 2009, on the Mercola website. Also on the website: “Is This Popular Natural Sweetener Worse Than HFCS?” July 3, 2010. Also, “Sweet Deception:Why Splenda, Nutrasweet, and the FDA May Be Hazardous to Your Health.”

“The Claim:Artificial Sweeteners Can Raise Blood Sugar,” by Anahad O’ Connor. NY Times article, July 19, 2010

“Chairman of Citizens for health declares FDA Should Review Approval of Splenda.” (a good source to stay updated on any emerging research)


“Sugar:The Bitter Truth,” video presentation by Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD, of UC San Francisco Division of Endocrinology and metabolism. Can now be seen on YouTube. The video demonstrates clearly how the liver’s breakdown of fructose leads to obesity and chronic disease

“Sweet Misery,” a documentary film by Cori Brackett on the problems with Aspartame

Master’s Degree Education Audio Courses:

Insulin Resistance:Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics, by Paul Bergner, director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. Available at

More to come… (also see blogroll, resources, articles, on Home page)


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