Delicious End-of-Summer-Veggies Appetizer

Patty-Pan Pesto Pile-up

This one’s so easy, I’ll write it in even though I only have 2 minutes. Gotta get out to the garden and harvest the last of the tomatoes, to make ketchup. We’re supposedly getting a frost tonight! Where did the summer go?


Patty pan squash, sliced into rounds about 1/4-inch thick each (or zucchini, if you want smaller rounds)
Pesto (preferably home-made
Sungold or Cherry tomatoes

Steam the slices of squash for just a couple of minutes. Remove from steamer to cool. Place on a plate. Put a big dollop of pesto on top of each slice.
Top with a whole cherry tomato.
A whole bunch of these (small, made with zucchini) together on a platter make for beautiful finger-food, or if you are using a big enough patty pan and enough pesto, it’s an individual serving (and very filling) appetizer.


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