Day three (well, who’s counting…?)

I promised myself I’d put something up on here every day, so I would figure this all out. Was going to actually focus and write something, but I had about one hour of sleep last night, as Vini’s sugar went crazy (it was a rollercoaster day and night;I’m sure any other parents of diabetic kids out there can relate), and the CGM sensor seems to be a bad one, as it’s pretty consistently been 50 to 100 points off, which means we have to change it today, which really sucks, because it’s always off for the first couple of days of a new sensor, and Vini has her end-of-year talent show tomorrow, and will have to be on stage quite a bit, so it means instead of being able to relax and watch the show, Zeke and I will have to be back-stage neurotically checking her sugar the whole time, since it’s been so unpredictable these last few days. UGH!

Well, I got 1/2 the zucchini bed dug yesterday (getting late). Weeded and mulched the milky oats, California poppies, calendula and lemon balm. Beets are coming up. Tomatoes look good. Some cucumber plants survived the frost. Z has another batch growing in the light-bench, ready to go in ground in a couple of weeks. Beans are getting eaten by slugs. We put beer out to drown them, but it rained and beer went everywhere. Looks like we’ll have tons of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries this year, and maybe gojis. Got no work done on the book, since I had to be on duty for school and then cook dinner… Let’s see what happens today. V’s sugar is already going nuts.


Meyer lemons in early March, in New England (Grown in the living-room!):

Lemons in New England in March!


3 thoughts on “Day three (well, who’s counting…?)

  1. Hi E-
    Hola familia. I love you’re bed’s & garden’s. Esp. the tee pee in the middle. This is great and i look forward to reading up every day . Beunos dias ! Muchos Carinos, Margot , Putney VT.

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