Isn’t that an appropriate title for a first post? I wrote the post on next page thinking it would be on the first page. Had to get rid of that “Hello World” default thing, so here’s my first post, saying absolutely nothing, as I’ve got to run. Still figuring out how to post a photo on these “post” pages…

Why can’t I add text below the photos?

The baby luna moth below attached itself to Zeke’s welding jacket last night while he was working. It just rode on his shoulder while he was forging and welding. Clung to him all night. Must have liked the heat of all that fire. He left his jacket on the porch for it, and this morning it was hanging out on the front door.

Collecting dandelions

first spring dandelions

First spring baby luna moth
Our first spring baby luna moth this year, hanging out on front door


One thought on “Oops!

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